A Win is a Win

It was just a typical Saturday in November. My mom wanted to experiment with a new recipe, the #1 Oregon Ducks (whoop whoop!) were about to take on Cal, and I had a hankering for pumpkin pie. It was the perfect opportunity to delve into my friend Michelle’s two areas of expertise: pie and football. To make it a challenge, I insisted that I try my hand at a homemade 10-inch pastry crust.

And a challenge it was. Mere moments after this picture was taken, we observed that my mashed pastry mixture was not “resembling peas,” as my mom put it. As it turned out, I was only half following the recipe for a 9-inch pie, and half following the recipe for the 10-inch pie. Oops. My mom told me to trash the mis-measured ingredients and start from the beginning. Baking is particular like that.

The second time around, my pastry was near perfect. Then came time for me to roll-out the dough, which was kind of fun. You have to be careful with pie crust, because it’s very sensitive. After amply flouring, rolling, and patching the pie dough, I had to wrap it around the rolling pin so I could deliver it (gently!) to the pie dish. It’s kind of like a little baby; you have to hold it gently so as not to upset it. Luckily, my pie-mothering skills came quite intuitively.

The best part of the whole experience was spending time in the kitchen with my mom, and getting that “home for the holidays” feeling. Plus my mom got to tryout the early Christmas gift she got for me: my new camera. She took all of these photos except the last one. It was both funny and chaotic when she hurried to capture the victorious pour of the pumpkin batter into my first homemade crust. It was a glorious event indeed.

After watching a painfully long and stressful game of Oregon Football, my pie was done cooling and ready to be eaten. Like the duck game, my pie was ultimately a victory. Sure there were some mistakes along the way. Yes, there was a good amount of panic and stress. But a win is a win.

To cope with the emotional turmoil brought on by the game (and to reward myself for my accomplishment), I decided that not one, but two pieces of pie were in order. I know that Coach Kelly wouldn’t support me taking a break just because I pulled off a win, so by 1:30 AM I was back to the program. Just like I said in the beginning, two holiday treats mean an extra hard workout. So to make up for the pie fiasco, Philip and I did an extra section of The Biggest Loser Workout: Cardio Max. Because, like the ducks, I’m going all the way, baby.