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Vacation’s over

It seems like it always takes until frickin’ June to fully shed the Holiday weight. Just me? Okay.

Well in my experience, there always seems to be an excuse to keep on those last few pounds between the months of January and April: “It’s Christmas.” “Screw it, it’s Spring Break.” “To hell with it; I’m on vacation!” Well, I’ve got news for you: vacation’s over.

I recently got back from a weekend family trip to San Francisco and, as it turns out, that city is fully awesome. Also, sea lions are silly creatures.

The last time I was there I was fifteen (fifteen!), and I don’t remember the city being nearly that phenomenal. The people. The architecture. The food. It’s all great. There are good vibes flying all over that place.

After spending some much needed time there with a couple friends of mine, I have determined that I must live there someday. Hopefully, when I reside there I won’t eat in the same excess that I did last weekend. There’s just so many good  restaurants! It’s foodie heaven. (I highly suggest a place on Columbus street called Colosseo…get the Penne in pink sauce with crab meat and asparagus). In just three days, I managed to cover all the no-no’s of eating options, including a cheeseburger from a place called Sally’s and a sourdough pizza from the Boudin Bakery.

I don’t regret these choices at all, for they are just a necessary element in my annual weight loss slash gain cycle. You know how it goes:

JANUARY: Self loathing and resentment due to holiday poundage. Vacation?

FEBRUARY: Acceptance of holiday weight + Valentines chocolates.

MARCH: Pretty much fed up with residual Holiday weight. Vacation?

APRIL: Realization that Holiday weight must soon vanish.

MAY: Panic and chaos reigns in this month as Summer hints at its existence.

JUNE: Comfort foods are no longer sought after since it’s too hot to be comfortable and we must now minimize layers.

JULY: Eat watermelon only. Play outside.

AUGUST: Eat watermelon only. Play outside.

SEPTEMBER: Feel good about self because you are thin from the summer.

OCTOBER: Same as September, but add leftover Halloween candy.

NOVEMBER: Same as October, but add Thanksgiving. Pounds start to add on.

DECEMBER: Fat and happy.

My goal this year is to be beach ready by the time summer starts. Last year I spent the whole summer getting in shape for summer. As you might guess, that’s not actually all that satisfying since the summer was over by the time I was in proper shape. But not this year! This means that in a couple weeks it will be high time to start kicking my own ass into shape. I’m actually quite excited and motivated for this next part of the weight loss cycle.

Another exciting thing that’s coming up is a career-related opportunity that has presented itself. I was selected to be a blogging intern for Cliché Magazine. I even have my own email! It’s I’ll be blogging about fashion, music and entertainment for the Cliché website! So it seems that I have not only been on vacation from being in shape, but also from my school/career life. But in a week or two, vacation’s over and Spring is looking up.

I hope that the same goes for everyone else’s season. Until next time…


French fry incident

I’m not a woman who likes to make excuses, especially when it comes to eating right for the purposes of getting in shape. You know the type. When you’re validating a cake binge because it was your boyfriend’s brother’s Birthday, it’s clear that you’re not mentally prepared for your weight loss. But sometimes there is such a thing as an extenuating circumstance. In which case, you must recognize that you are making yet another pathetic excuse for your unnecessary eating and choose to not let it happen again.

To my dissatisfaction, I became ill two nights ago. Don’t worry, it’s nothing serious. Just the common cold. Albeit, a nasty and relentless common cold that kept me up all night and made me more than slightly miserable the next day. Lucky for me, I was already planning on taking Thursday as my day of rest for the week. But it didn’t stop there, and I was well past pissed when I went to sleep and woke up with the same balloon of a head.

I’m sure I was offensive to all the senses throughout my day. And ironically, all of my senses seemed to be failing me. For some reason when I’m sick I usually have a hard time tasting my food. I usually have a desperate and illogical craving for pizza when I’m sick. It’s as if the only thing that I can really enjoy when I’m sick is complex carbohydrates. What am I going to do, eat salad and an apple? I’m so sure.

So today I got home around 4pm after enduring what I perceived to be a stressful day of class, errands, and house work. I had been starving myself all day due to a lack of June-Plan-appropriate foods on hand. I left my house in search of food that would satisfy my hunger, my plan, and my taste buds.

I pulled in to Newman’s Fish and walked into the marketplace. (I actually wasn’t aware that they had such a large selection of fresh fish!) But I wasn’t in the market for a large slab of salmon at the moment. I was pursuing a weakness for something fried. As I walked around to the side of the building, I meekly walked up to the order window and felt ashamed for being there. I knew what came with the fried salmon pieces I was about to order: french fries.

I won’t go into the horny specifics of how I devoured my fish and fries, but I’m sure you can imagine the scene.

I’ll admit right here and now that I made an excuse for myself, and a pathetic one at that. I think that my being sick right now is a bit of an excuse for a less rigorous (or skipped) workout requirement, but it’s no excuse to go soft over a silly little basket of scrumptious french fries. I said to myself, “french fries weren’t on your ‘NO’ list,” “You’re sick, and starving.” I was clearly not in my right mind.

I realize that there is no excuse for eating french fries during this month. I hope that my cold will not carry on until tomorrow so that I can proceed with my intensive workout regimen.

One of the worst things that we can do when trying to lose weight is to jump off the wagon and say, “whoops, I ate french fries. May as well give up.” The french fry incident was something that happened. It’s not something that I am going to dwell on any further. It’s also not happening again. The end. Now lets move on with our skinny  lives.