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4 Things I Love About My New Job

Although college seems like it happened ages ago (because it did), I faintly remember a slightly younger Jenni who had a thirst for experience in the media and communications industry. I actively sought my audience by creating No Moore Muffins, and I had dreams of contributing to big magazines like Women’s Health and O, The Oprah Magazine in New York City. For the first time in a long time, I am now settling back into that version of myself. It feels natural—just like my hair. And I love it.

Screen Shot 2014-07-10 at 9.32.54 PM

Shameless selfie. Photo courtesy Me

So when all my friends and family ask me “What’s new?” the answer I should give them is “everything.” In reality, the response I eventually conjure is something like, “oh, umm…well, my new internship is awesome. I love it.”

Friend: “Well what kind of stuff do you do?” they ask, interested.

Jenni: “I do all kinds of stuff: fact-checking, blogging, pitching, reading, transcribing interviews, researching…”

Blah, blah, blah. Even though I love my new job, I don’t assume everyone else likes to listen while I blather on about journalist crap. That being said, so many of you have asked me this question that I’m just going to write a blog post about it. Because you care, apparently. So here goes…

I really do love my new job; it has exceeded my expectations. I don’t even mind working from home when necessary, because I love the kind of work that I do.

Having a porch makes everything better--even work.

Having a porch makes everything better.

4 Things I Love About My New Job:

1. My internship is exactly what I need: stimulating and challenging, with a constant fire under my ass.

2. I’m never bored at work or watching the clock tick by. Instead, I’m racing the clock to get all my work done—it’s thrilling!

3. The most fun thing so far has been writing for the food blog, NOSH PIT while simultaneously adding to my list of portfolio clips.

[*My least favorite part: that terrible feeling that happens when you start a new job and you feel like a FUCKING IDIOT CHILD just because you’re new.]

4. Oh, and we have these bi-weekly editorial meetings that remind me of the upper level journalism classes I took at UO. Each week a couple of editors will lead and prepare the meetings, which are meant to give the interns tips, and expertise in the profession of journalism. You see, to make up for the fact that they’re not paying us, they make it a true learning experience. I’m not mad about it because I know this experience is benefitting my career. I’m learning all the time just by being there.

As great as that all is, I don’t have any money, and I don’t have a paying job. I’m quite literally very hungry. I’ve been applying for other part time work like crazy, and I have had three interviews since I moved to Seattle a month ago. The first one was for a High School Varsity Volleyball Coach position at Ingraham High School.

I did not get this job. But to be honest, I’m pretty okay with it.


Terrifying, disgusting and rather burly looking ram head in the main office at Ingraham High School, (Seattle, WA). And yes, I went in.

The other two interviews were for barista positions—one at a café called Diva Espresso, and another at Nordstrom’s E-bar. I feel good about both interviews (especially the one at Nordstrom), and I’m hopeful that someone will offer me a job in the next week.

This blog post has barely even scratched the surface of what’s new with me. Maybe next time I can discuss my lack of a social life. Oh wait, this blog basically IS my social life.


2 thoughts on “4 Things I Love About My New Job

  1. Becky says:

    A. So thrilled you’re enjoying your new gig and life in Seattle!
    B: Your deck looks like my old apt in Portland 🙂
    C. I’m going to come visit you someday! I haven’t been to Seattle in years!

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