Today I am 26

This is me today, on my 26th Birthday:

me on 5-13-2014

I woke up like dis.


I’m actually struggling to write this right now because of all the delightfully overwhelming “Happy Birthday” text messages, Tweets, Instagram pictures, Facebook posts, and one person even sent me an email! Don’t worry,
old people – I got a couple sincere Birthday calls last night as well. But in my opinion, having a Birthday in a world where social media exists is just fantastic. You get to feel awesome on multiple platforms!

Today my plan is to go for a run, then brunch with my brother and a few friends, then I’m going to play and lay in the sunshine at Sauvie’s island, then I have a volleyball game I’m playing in (!!!!), then dinner and drinks at le Bistro Montage with my family and friends. Sounds like a pretty perfect day to me!

I really think that year 26 is going to be a good one, mostly because my older friends have told me so, and I also just have a feeling about it. Last Friday, as I was preparing to leave for the weekend for our last tournament of the season, I got an email that changed everything.


Screen Shot 2014-05-13 at 10.14.10 AM

It was the best early Birthday present ever!!!

Actually, no. It’s a tie with the tickets Tim got me and my mom to Oprah’s The Life You Want Weekend tour.

Now that volleyball season is over I’m just stressing out about finding another part time job in Seattle, and a place to live. It’s going to be tough, but I think I can figure it out in 3 weeks.

I will be sad to leave my super awesome living situation; it will be difficult to find a roommate as chill as O’quinn, and an apartment as fabulous and cheap as this one. But other than my apartment, my family and friends, Portland doesn’t offer me a lot. Especially in terms of opportunities for young journalists. I’m going to miss being near all my best friends, but let’s get real people: Seattle is only a three hour drive from Portland. The beautiful thing about this opportunity is that I can come home often to visit, and ya’ll can come visit me too! While I am a bit anxious about sorting out the details, I’m so excited about what is to come. It’s time to step outside my comfort zone and get some distance from my familiar life so that I can grow as an individual. Seattle is just the right amount of distance.

A couple weekends ago in Eugene, I was on my way to breakfast with one of my longest friends, Michelle. Making small talk she asked, “What’s new? What’s going on with you?”

Me:  “I have no idea – I’m transitioning.”

Mich: “…between what?”

Me: “I’m not sure yet…but I’m transitioning.”

Now I know where I’m going. Cheers to tacking on another year of wisdom!



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