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Weekend Recap & New Writing Internship

I overslept this morning and was 15 minutes late to work. *Sigh* Mondays.  -__-

I don’t know about everyone else, but I had a pretty swell weekend that I wouldn’t mind rewinding. The highlights? For one, I was pretty proud of myself for forcing myself into 30 minutes of cardio on Friday (yes, Friday) night.


Also, I’m pleased to announce that listening to “Holy Grail” during the darkest moments of your run is still really helpful. What can I say? JT and Jay Z make me want to produce greater amounts of sweat. Give it a go! (Oh, and buy JT’s new album The 20/20 Experience Part 2 of 2 that just came out today; I assure you it is amazing.)

Screen Shot 2013-09-27 at 4.32.51 PM

And then on Saturday, in the most flashy of ways, the Ducks beat Cal 55-16.  So that was fun. Here is my personal favorite part:

One thing that did NOT happen this weekend was a blog post. I know, I know; shame on me for not blogging since last week. But I have been absurdly busy with other things! It’s all because of my new early-morning-Barista job. In all honesty the job is a piece of damn cake. The hardest part of the cake is getting out of bed at 6am, but even that is still pretty cake-y (with the exception of today). I have also been working five days a week at The Duck Store, working out four days a week on average…although I have decided I’m going to increase it to five., Adding to that, I have been frantically searching for apartments so I can get the f*ck out of my parent’s house.

And one more thing: just because I wasn’t blogging on NMM this week doesn’t mean I wasn’t working on other writing projects! For those who haven’t caught on from my Facebook activity, I have a new writing internship. Allow me to explain: So, you know how I’m like crazy in love with Justin Bieber? You must. Well long story short, I now work for his DJ by writing for the website,…this has been going on for about a month and a half now. DJ Tay James is Justin’s official DJ, whom  he travels and performs with on ALL of his tour stops, and accompanies to various club appearances all over the world. Yes, I know– this is all completely BANANAS and literally the perfect gig for me. How did I land it, you ask? By making numerous friends on Twitter, networking with other Beliebers, and increasing my social media influence. Oh, and I have a decent resume and a good portfolio.


The dude on the right is the boss man.

It’s an unpaid (eh) writing job, but there is a handful of perks that I’m really excited about:

  • I get more published Writing Clips for my resume, and get to use the editors as references
  • I get a new learning experience writing about the music industry
  • Free Meet & Greet passes and sometimes concert tickets to Justin’s shows (!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)
  • I already spend my time reading and researching music-industry news on the internet, now I get to do that on assignment and actually progress my writing career in the process.
  • My co-writers and editors are all awesome 🙂

It’s blowing my mind that what I’m doing now is considered ‘work’. I love my life right now.

So anyway, next time you are considering hounding me about not writing more than 1 blog per week, just assume that I’m busy on another project. I’m probably cramming my brain with information about some new viral music video, or researching (fangirling) about the new single JT just released.

Read the articles I’ve written here, and here is another one I wrote about Lollapalooza.

I actually had every intention of adding a new recipe post to NMM some time last week, but it didn’t exactly “happen.” It makes me sad to tell you that this post will be recipe-less, once again. I PROMISE my next post will be more helpful/motivational/informational 😉

Until then, stay dry and have a lovely start to your week!



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