Schedule Change!

Last Wednesday I had one of those really great interviews that goes a little something like this:

Interviewer:  “So you worked at Starbucks?”
Me: “Yeah, for a year and a half.”
Interviewer: “What are your salary requirements?”
Me: “Er, $12?”
Interviewer: “This job pays $13 an hour. Would you like to start Monday?”
Me: “Um, yeah…sure!”
Interviewer: “I should also tell you it can get really slow. Some days you may only get 10 people in the whole 3 hours. Is that okay?”


SCHEDULE CHANGE! I got a new job as a barista at my stepdad Tim’s law firm office, Tonkon Torp. In addition to my part time hours at The Duck Store, I will also work 15 hours a week inside Pioneer Tower (on SW 5th and Taylor), on a super exclusive floor that is only accessible to clients and employees of the firm. On the floor I work on, you need a code to access it from the elevator — and I know the code! I don’t know why the code excites me so much, but it does.

Anyway, I did a couple short training shifts on Thursday and Friday (so I could learn the machine and where everything is), and yesterday was my first day flying solo. I would just like to say that it’s one of the easiest jobs on the planet — especially after being so thoroughly conditioned by Starbucks. That company really knows how to train a bitch.

Here’s why my new gig is pretty sweet:
  • It pays $13 an hour, which more than makes up for the fact that I don’t get tips.
  • I have consistent, early hours from 7-10am. After I’m done barista-ing, I can go write or workout until I have to be at the Duck Store!
  • I’m the only Barista, so I’m also my own boss when it comes to the coffee bar 🙂 This makes me happy because I can organize it to my liking  🙂
  • All the drinks are prepaid on a punchcard, so I don’t have to deal with a cash register or money at all. #ihatemath
  • Since it gets so slow, it is TOTALLY acceptable for me to bring my laptop, a book, or something to work on.
  • The Welcome Basket they gave me yesterday!

Screen Shot 2013-09-16 at 4.46.18 PM
Who even does this!? I got so excited, I actually took inventory. There is: the fabulous basket itself, a “welcome” card, 1 oversized coffee mug, 2 containers of Kaiser Permanente band-aids, 1 picture frame, 1 box of blank note cards and envelopes, a pack of tissues, 1 lint roller, 1 pen, 2 refillable pencils, an Oregon pin with a rose on it, and five lindor truffles. IT’S LIKE THEY GET ME.

Yesterday, after excitedly rummaging through my new presents, I completed a job application and then searched for apartments. I could really get used to this whole “being productive while at work” thing. I was off at 10am sharp, and then I went home to take a very long nap (because that’s how I deal with having to get up early). I then spent a few hours writing at my favorite Starbucks (the one I used to work at), and after that I had an exercise date with my friend Emily. We spent a good hour or so at 24-hour fitness, and I personally had a pretty badass workout. This was my cool-down:


You know you’re on the right track when you burn 100 calories in your cool down 😉

Emily and I then went back to her place to have wine over a few disturbingly relevant episodes of GIRLS while still wearing our sweaty gym clothes. Yeah, it was pretty romantic.  I also stayed up far past my new bedtime and am now super sleepy.


And here I am finishing this post the next day at “the firm” while I drink my latte and enjoy my super exclusive new view. I hope everyone has a lovely and productive Tuesday!


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