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Hello, and happy Tuesday!

How was everyone’s weekend? I didn’t have the most productive weekend in the world. But I did get a new iPhone on Saturday morning, so I’m pretty sure that gives me a free 24-hour pass to be anti-social and gadget-obsessed (and to take selfies).

No, I did not wait for the new iPhone to come out. I don't want to discuss it.

No, I did not wait for the new iPhone to come out. I don’t want to discuss it.

After the Ducks got done undressing Virginia (59-10), I did not workout. Instead, I spent my Saturday evening in sweatpants, watching GIRLS on HBO, and eating ice cream. Since Saturday was such a lazy day, I was afraid when I woke up on Sunday morning (afternoon) that it would be just as unproductive. I thought I had lost my last ounce of self discipline when I started giving myself props for mustering up the “energy” to paint my nails.

But aren't they pretty? :)

But aren’t they pretty? 🙂

But then, it dawned on me that my life is not merely “happening to me”. I have a great amount of control over which turns my life will take. Making a one-time decision to turn my life around is not going to do the trick. It’s a decision I have to make every single day — or at least most days out of the week. So, around 4:30pm on Sunday is when I decided to peel myself off the couch, put on my running shorts, and begin downloading music (haha I bet you thought I was gonna say I got on the treadmill — nope, not yet!)

I bought a new album I have been meaning to (Yours Truly by Ariana Grande), and I also downloaded the new DJ Tay James mixtape (there are two new Justin Bieber tracks on it). I added a couple other songs that I have been wanting, and then I made a lil playlist.

Screen Shot 2013-09-10 at 2.14.06 PM

Sure, the songs weren’t all ridiculous, let’s-get-it-crunk songs like the A$AP Rocky I usually workout to, but this time I didn’t really care about that — I just wanted to listen to my new music. I was enjoying the throwback vibes of Ariana Grande so much that I was pleasantly surprised when I looked down at the clock and it said 20 minutes!

By that time I was getting tired and sweating an ungodly amount, so I told myself I would run for just five more minutes. But when the clock hit 25:00, “Holy Grail” by JAY Z and Justin Timberlake started to play…and you know what that song can do to a person. JAY Z sounds like such a Boss on that track, and JT, a God. I felt that to stop running would mean to do a complete injustice to the ingenious bad-assed-ness of the song…so I kept running until the song was over. Thanks JAY Z and JT for the motivation — FOR EVERYTHING.

Later that night, I was on Twitter (I know, shocking) and got to reminiscing about a certain 7th Heaven episode (yes, I used to watch that show) that addresses the issue of pot smoking. This particular episode has always stuck with me, and whenever I think of that show I always think of the ridiculous way the family dealt with finding a marijuana joint in the house. The dramatic style of the show, the family’s intense Christian anti-weed-smoking agenda made the episode’s message very clear:

Smoking pot (even once) will cause your entire family to hate you, and you will disgrace God’s name if you are ever stupid enough to try it. 

One of my better Twitter friends, Sarah remembered the episode, and was quick enough to link me to it. If you would like a good laugh, here is the real clip from the episode that aired:

That one had me loling. But then, Sarah linked me to a parody clip that had me convulsing with laughter. The following clip is how I remembered it going down as an impressionable adolescent:

It was the hardest I’ve laughed all year. Like…I was wheezing, couldn’t breathe, and tears were streaming down my face to the point where I had to tweet for Sarah to “CALL ME” so that she could calm me down.

The phone conversation we had thereafter lasted for about an hour and 15 minutes, and we talked about everything under the sun. Sarah’s a few years older than me, so she has quite a bit more life experience and some great advice for twenty-somethings. She basically told me — in the most earnest way — to follow my heart and go do exactly what I want to do. I can’t say it as convincingly or as heartfelt as she did, but I can tell you how much that phone conversation meant to me…and perhaps even changed me. It’s an amazing feeling to know that I can connect, impact, and be significantly impacted by people whom I never would have met if it weren’t for our shared allegiance to Justin Bieber. That, to me, is just crazy.

Screen Shot 2013-09-10 at 3.41.33 PM

I may not be in the best shape of my life yet…nor have I landed my dream job, but I’m going to keep making the daily decisions that will inch me closer to living the kind of life I want for myself. Namely, being able to run for 30 minutes straight, and laughing until I cry every single day.

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