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Here’s where we’re at

Over the long Labor Day weekend I became re-addicted to exercise and blogging. Woo hoo! These are my favorite things to be addicted to :). In celebration of my addictions, I did my first weigh-in. This is what 181 pounds looks like on me:

On Monday my mom decided she wanted to make us both feel like I was 17 again, and offered to take me shopping for a new pair of jeans (the pair I was wearing most often was looking prettttty homeless).


In truth I was very grateful and excited for this opportunity. My only prayer was that this trip would be less damaging than ones I went on as a teenager. In my young adulthood, shopping for pants could get fairly intense, and sometimes ended up with me sobbing in the GAP fitting rooms because “nothing looked good on me” and I was “too fat for everything”.  Luckily, my prayers were answered by the Denim Gods. Here’s where we’re at: I’m right in between a size 10 and a 12. I would like to get down to a size 8 again, but until that time comes, my size  11 ass is rocking these Hudson’s (!!!)!


This weekend I also re-discovered the one problem with blogging regularly: having to constantly photograph all of my food before I eat it. It almost becomes a compulsive habit to photograph everything, because “what if I want to put a picture of this meal on my blog?” It’s actually only slightly annoying. In many ways this blog is like a photographic food journal — it keeps me in check! When faced with a ‘healthy versus unhealthy’ decision, all I can think to myself is “Nope, you can’t post photos of a carbs-centric dinner on your Blog.” And thus, healthier decisions are made.

When it came time to dish-up my dinner plate I truthfully did think of No Moore Muffins when considering how much sour cream to apply to my potato. However, my Blog didn’t stop me from taking a second helping of grilled  veggies and another few ounces of medium-rare steak.
(Sidenote: It's things like steak and grilled veggies that make me think I could handle the paleo diet. I realize that is probably presumptuous of me, but that's just how I feel).

(Sidenote: It’s things like steak and grilled veggies that make me think I could handle the paleo diet. I realize that is probably presumptuous of me, but that’s just how I feel).

The good news is, I’ve been working out for about 45 minutes every day, which makes one quite hungry. I like being hungry for real because it’s like body is giving me permission to eat something substantial. Speaking of which, I’m actually feeling incredibly hungry right now…

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