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September and I

September is my favorite month to crack open; Tis a month of new beginnings! I’m so glad I didn’t have to go to work today. Usually when blessed with a day off I would “reward” myself with some sort of over-indulgent breakfast combination like french toast, bacon, eggs, AND potatoes — but not today. I was kind to my body this morning while also throughly enjoying my breakfast. Isn’t it weird how healthy food can actually be enjoyable? I think it’s totally weird.


If you can’t tell, those are sliced peaches on the left there, and on the right we have oatmeal with dried cranberries, almonds and brown sugar. I also had about sixteen ounces of iced nonfat Oregon chai, and I don’t want to hear a word about sugar content — I do what I want!

After breakfast (and about 45 minutes of guilt-free fangirling), my plan was to write. My only problem was writer’s block. It’s a first world problem, but a problem nonetheless. In search of a remedy, I read an article called 31 Ways to Find Inspiration for Your Writing. The article basically just lists off all the things a human can mentally and physically do. Hence, you can become inspired by LITERALLY anything. Even though the article seemed useless at first, some of the writers-block-busters did stick with me.

Exercise, for instance, is one that I agreed with. I always seem to get the best writing ideas while on the treadmill. This usually ends up pissing me off because I never get such epiphanies when I dedicate 3 hours to writing at Starbucks on a Sunday…but it’s whatever. I also agreed that watching Movies (and TV shows) can be very inspiring, because there are so many elements in a story to be inspired by. As someone who hopes to write a TV series someday, it makes sense why this would often be helpful to me. TV shows have always been really influential to me because I easily (and deeply) identify with the characters.

What you see below is what we call an “ideal setup”.


I ran for 10 minutes, walked at a 13.0 incline for another 10 minutes, and then did some strength training — all to the sweet sounds of How I Met Your MotherIt was magical and yet productive.

I actually think I’m going to dedicate an entire day to watching my favorite shows and taking notes on the experience. You know, just to sort my thoughts and inspirations. I have the next three days off (the joys of retail), a manuscript to write for grad school applications, and a body to whip into shape. September and I are about to make sweet, sweet love to my to-do list. Can’t wait to tear that shit up.


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