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Discipline isn’t, discipline is.

Today was one of those days when I REALLY did not want to work out. I was tired from work, blah blah blah.  (Eight point five hours at The Duck Store during football season can be fairly exhausting).

Miraculously, I mustered up the nerve to put on my skin-tight running pants. And surprise, surprise: I am happy I did. It reminds of a funny little epiphany I stumbled upon on Pinterest.  (Did I mention that I think that Pinterest is a wonderful way to summon fitness-related motivation?) Maybe you’ve seen it; it’s genius:

And it really is true! I regret skipping a workout all the time, but I think that it’s pretty much impossible to regret exercising. That’s why I forced myself into it today. Some days I’m all but eager to get my workout in – usually when I’m on my way to Barre3 or CorePower Yoga – other times, I would rather eat a dill pickle (FUCK dill pickles). But that’s the funny thing about discipline, isn’t it? Discipline isn’t “oh, I magically want to work out and eat healthy every day, so I do”.

I rest my case. (Once again, thank you Pinterest and

So what I’ve been learning is that it’s a day by day battle. Each day I have to summon the motivation to do what I know needs to be done. And if not motivation, discipline. Each day I must balance my poor choices with equally great ones. Today, for instance, I used up the greater part of my daily points on 1. a donut, 2. a chai latte, 3. a chicken panini. No fruits or vegetables were had before the hour of 7 o’clock pm. This left me with only 7 points left for the day. My best option was to get the food scale out and start measuring. What I pieced together was actually quite satisfying. We had some leftover ground turkey meat in the fridge from our taco night, so I enjoyed meticulously measured, 7-point tacos!

2 corn tortillas – 2 points

3 oz lean ground turkey – 3 points

3/4 oz cheddar cheese, shredded – 2 points

lettuce & onion – FREE!

I know what you’re thinking: three quarter ounces of cheese doesn’t sound like a lot. And only three ounces of ground turkey? My same thoughts. But after wrapping it all up in those little tortillas I was actually quite impressed with what I could eat for 7 points.

I have won the battle today. Tomorrow I will start anew.


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