A few things

I’m not apologizing for not blogging for over two months. Maybe I was doing other stuff! Sometimes you have to take a step back from something for a while! Sometimes people need time to sort their thoughts without feeling obligated to share it all!

…That being said, I’m sorry ONCE AGAIN for neglecting the blog. From now on, let’s just let it be known that when I don’t blog for a while it doesn’t mean that I’m done with NMM, it just means I’m working things out. Now then, there are a few things to be declared:

Number one: I quit my unpleasant job at LA Fitness. Nothing against them, but the gym industry just isn’t for me…especially when I am no longer allowed to substitute for group fitness instructors who aren’t feeling well. I understand that I still need to obtain a certification, but do I really need to be working at the front desk until I achieve this? I think not.

Number two: I now assistant coach volleyball for Canby Volleyball Club‘s 14-and-under team. This is the club that I used to play for when I was between the ages of 12 and 18 years old. It is somewhat frustrating, extremely rewarding, and some of the most pure-quality fun that I’ve had in literally years. Plus I get to play with them in practice, which gives me two workouts a week that are dread-free!

Aren’t they cute!???? They won first in their tournament.

It also has given me the chance to reconnect and spend time with my good friend Danielle (now my Head Coach), who I used to be quite close with in high school. We played volleyball together way back in The Day.

Number three: I have been applying to jobs like crazy. Magazine jobs, event planning jobs, Starbucks jobs. Just jobs in general, and mostly ones that don’t suck. Today, while trying to fend off the all-consuming anxiety regarding my interview for a position at a local magazine, I received a call from a different employer! It’s so nice to get confidence boosters like that right when I need them.

I’ve been needing a confidence boost ever since my last attempt at finding full time stuff-to-do was unsuccessful. That’s right, ladies and gentlemen. I stooped to the level of applying for a full time position at The Duck Store. Don’t get me wrong here; it’s a good company with lots of departments worthy of applying to. But this was not a marketing position. Nor was this a position in a cool place such as the buyers office. This was no where close to a position for which I spent upwards of $80,000 learning how to do professionally at the University of Oregon. This was a Lead Sales Associate position. While I was initially slightly offended that I was not selected for the position, a part of me feels like this was a blessing (and I use this term loosely). That job would have likely become a full-time crutch on which to rest and an excuse to not pursue my career goals. I like to think that my superiors knew somewhere deep down that I had bigger plans for myself than working full time in a retail store. If this is in fact the truth, then I am grateful. But now that I really think about it, I am grateful either way.

I have now gotten to a point in the motivation process in which I know I will succeed because I will make this happen for myself. Because of my determination to pull myself out of this rut, I know I will find what I’m looking for. I know it sounds cheesy, but if I am confident enough to make a bet on myself, then I am sure to succeed. I’m betting on myself. I learned that from Jay on Modern Family.


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