First things first, I should make it known that I no longer work at Bally Total Fitness. Bye, bye Bally’s!

I now work at LA Fitness. You may have heard, but I’m going to tell you anyway because I’m now very used to explaining this to lines of suspicious members (that’s what we call them).

“LA Fitness bought 171 Bally Total Fitness Clubs; ours was one of them. You are now an LA Fitness member. Your rate will stay the same and your contract will be grandfathered in. We will begin to see many positive changes around here this winter.”

As we all know, nobody likes change. However, this change seems to be a positive one indeed. Newer exercise equipment? Fine by me. A more organized workplace? Sounds like a good idea. Real-life uniforms with “LA Fitness” printed in chic, Californian font? Absolutely yes! The only thing about this transition that is a little bit of a bummer is that I will now have to gain my group exercise instruction experience in a more official, less sketchy way.

A few weeks ago, the club asked me to substitute-teach a cycling class when one of the regular teachers couldn’t make it and the club wanted to avoid complaints from 20-or-so disappointed members. Of course I worried and obsessed over my routine until my playlist was perfected and my list of motivational one-liners was complete, but after I got started I found it reassuring and completely gratifying. I was a natural! I barely even needed to consult my piece of paper, which had my routine outlined to the very last detail. The whole experience restored my sense of leadership and confidence. I couldn’t wait to teach another class!

I expected to be added to the substitute list, teach a few more classes, and get certified through Bally’s at a discounted certification price. However, it looks like LA Fitness wants me to be certified before teaching classes. Imagine that. But maybe this is the universe’s way of telling me to muster up some self motivation, study on my own time, and sign up for ACE fitness‘ group instructor certification. And that’s exactly why I put the $79 Study Manual in the #3 slot on my Christmas list. 🙂

In fact, I’m making some of my own changes effective right now. I’m going to resume my active job search for work that is rewarding, challenging, and has a livable salary. I applied for a PAID editorial assistant position with Weight Watchers Magazine, and cited this blog in my cover letter. That is, after all, what helped get me hired at Bally’s. Who says we have to make resolutions on New Years? I’m making MINE at Christmas time. It’s the best holiday anyway.

And speaking of Christmas, there is a very big change that is just now beginning to surface: It is the first Christmas in twelve years that my mom, brother and I will not spend in our house in Canby. So we’ve been adjusting to the new situation. It’s a new house, with new family members, new traditions, and a new Christmas-tree holding capacity. And I’m starting to think that the goal shouldn’t just be to make life changes that will bring a positive outcome. It’s equally important to find the positive in the changes that happen to us in our lives.

So that’s why I’m coping with all this change by convincing my family to buy not only multiple, but GIGANTIC Christmas trees.

Merry Christmas.


3 thoughts on “Changes

  1. Becky Brown says:

    Good insight, J! We have no control over many changes that happen to us, but all the control over how we react/handle those changes.

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