The pressure is off

Don’t you just love fall? I do.

 It has gotten to be a very brisk fall night in my house and although I am chilly, sleepy and sweaty from my workout, I have to write now. I accidentally clicked on my bookmark to Orangette and received one of those little whispers in my ear that life throws at me sometimes; It said write now. Oprah told me not to ignore when life whispers signs like this to me, and I dare not disobey. She is Oprah, after all.

So here’s what I’m inclined to tell you:

I can confirm that Weight Watchers does, in fact, work. Now I know why Jennifer Hudson won’t shut the hell up about it. Because I, too, am feeling good — Sorry, I couldn’t help myself. Since I know you’re all positively dying to know, I’ll just go ahead and say it: I have lost SEVEN pounds total. I was going to tell you when I had lost five, but most people fluctuate within about five pounds so I didn’t feel it was quite necessary to shout it from the rooftops.

How this plan differs from ones I’ve done in the past is that the focus is very much on food. You see, I’ve only been working out about four times a week, which is not typical of my weight loss behavior. But somehow, I seem to be losing weight just the same. I think that what is happening here is this: I am not using exercise to overcompensate for what or how much I’ve consumed. I am using exercise to enhance the results I would already be getting due to my healthy eating habits. And that’s what I love about this system!  The pressure is off to be active. I don’t have the fear that not exercising is going to cause me to gain weight, and this has made my workouts much more enjoyable and less stressful. The pressure is off to eat perfectly too because I can satisfy myself with treats via PointsPlus! (Side note: I think that keeping track of food with the points system is rather fun!)

This must be why, according to my friend Kenzie, I am “radiating happiness”. I forgot how good it feels to be in shape! I’ve been running 2 miles comfortably at about 8.5 minutes per mile(!) and I’m sore almost on a daily basis. I’ve been keeping my workouts challenging by mixing it up. Sometimes I’ll go to a group exercise class or I’ll run solo on the treadmill. And now that I’ve dug my DVDs out of a hidden box in the garage, I have reacquainted myself with The Biggest Loser Workout videos after a three month-long hiatus.

And this leads me to reveal one last segment of news for you…it’s about my job at Bally’s. So, when I got hired at Bally Total Fitness to work at the front desk, it was under the pretense that I was interested in taking on other positions within the company such as a Personal Trainer or Group Exercise Instructor. About a week ago, it was suggested to me that I should begin to take a look at what classes I would like to lead, come up with some routines, and practice them so that I can audition for a spot as a substitute instructor. We also discussed certification and the very likely possibility that I will be able to become a Group Exercise Instructor for Bally’s.


My desire is to teach cycling, body sculpting, and perhaps in the more distant future, yoga. I somehow persuaded Philip into being the guinea pig for the first draft of my body sculpting routine and I’d say it was a decent first attempt. I may be needing more guinea pigs soon though; I’ll keep you updated.

I think that just about wraps up all I’ve need to tell you. I’ll see you back here in a few days with a new recipe plus points values to go along with.

Have a great weekend.


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