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A call for help

I really like cheeseburgers. I have been eating an awful lot of cheeseburgers this month and I can’t say that I’m all that sorry about it. They’re just so appropriate in this beautiful (kinda) weather we’re having.

While burgers and sweet potato fries have been frequenting my plate, I have also been eating a lot of berries, and A LOT of peaches. Calorically, I think I’m okay. I also recently made a goal to eat more salad, and that has helped to keep my daily caloric count down.

As for exercise, the workouts are frequent but short. With my schedule, I try to keep my workouts concise but effective. Meaning, I do more intense routines to make up for the shortened time (usually around 30 minutes). But I can tell that my results are suffering because of it. They would be much better if I committed to the system I had in place a couple years ago.

During the summer after my junior year of college, I became determined to banish my belly fat.  I asked my aunt Kim, who used to be a body builder, for advice on the subject and she plainly said that 60 minutes of daily cardio (like running or cycling) would be most effective. The problem is that these days, my options for exercise are quite limited. I can:

A) Do a video.

  • These are almost never a full hour, and are rarely pure cardio. (More often than not they combine strength with cardio.)

B) Go for a run.

  • Who wants to run for a full HOUR? And who can motivate themselves to run for a FULL hour? Enough said.


3) There is no three. This is the extent of my options.

Frankly, I’m also getting quite bored. I’m sick of my living room and running outside  in the heat. I’m sick of having to listen and watch the flat screen to get my exercise. If I had a treadmill, or a gym membership…or maybe if Groupon could come up with a great deal on spin classes, I would be much more engaged.

I was thinking about getting a jump rope and doing intervals, or maybe running up and down my stairs as another option for cardio. I’m going to bite the bullet and give a call for help. Does anyone have any suggestions for cardio that don’t involve running, a video, or machines?


7 thoughts on “A call for help

  1. Becky Brown says:

    Hey J – If you don’t mind me asking, are you opposed to joining a gym for some reason? I find that in order to keep myself entertained and consistent with my workouts (which I too have not been lately), I need the flexibility of going to various classes, be them Zumba, spinning, weight training, etc. and having a gym memberships lends itself to this flexibility.

    • Hey Becky,

      No, I am not opposed to joining a gym. In fact, I would very much love to join a gym. The problem is that I don’t have ANY spare money to pay for a monthly gym membership. However, I will touch on this subject quite a bit more in my upcoming blog post… 🙂

  2. Carla A. says:

    OH! Also you should totally join a soccer team. You run so much but you don’t even realize it since you’re so focused on the game.

  3. Jenni!!! Kyle and I joined a gym three months ago and we’re loving it! It’s only 30 bucks a month and there weren’t any sign-up fees. If you are near a gold’s gym, they’re always having specials and what not. I also have been going on mile walks daily, just to take time for myself, which has really helped my stress level. You look amazing, everyone can see that. You shouldn’t be so hard on yourself, at least you’re getting up and being active. The majority of women in their 20’s with full time jobs and a full time relationship can’t say that. On a side note, I heard that hula-hooping helps with the hips and it’s kind of freaking fun! Bike rides are always fun, even if it’s just for a half an hour, turn on that resistance and let it ride. Love you pretty lady!

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