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In spite of cupcakes

Yay, it’s May! We can finally thank the showers for the all these pretty flowers. From where I’m sittin’, it has been a wonderful month so far. But that’s probably because I’m always in a good spirits in May. It is my Birthday month after all, and many of my favorite Taurean people are also celebrating.

My cheery mood probably also has something to do with my get-fit-for-summer success–that’s right, success!

Yesterday I went jeans shopping and was pleased to find that I have gone down a pant size since the last time I shopped. This came as quite good news since I was concerned about my progress ever since my Birthday was kicked-off a week before I expected. My boyfriend Philip, with the help of a couple other close friends, succeeded in throwing me a very surprising surprise party. There were cupcakes. There were M&Ms galore. Both of which are still lingering on my kitchen counter. Suffice to say it has been impossible to resist the residual treats of my Birthday Week. But it has been in moderation. My workout regimen has stayed consistent and I’m almost finished with Jillian’s 30-Day Shred! (To stretch out the results, I would suggest doing Level 1 for one week, Level 2 for two weeks, and Level 3 for the fourth week.)

(Yes, that is gifted Justin Bieber merchandise. It was much appreciated.)

Please do not interpret my week of weakness as failure to complete my plan, for it is only an obstacle along the way. It’s important to the goal that I stay focused in spite of cupcakes. After my Birthday this Friday the 13th, my week of weakness will be over and done with, and I’ll be able to continue on in my triumphant journey towards bikini town. Even with these minor mishaps, I have still been eating consciously and cutting calories where I can.

As far as tips go, I can give a few.

1. I have been snacking on a lot of strawberries. Sometimes when I’m really hungry but don’t want to make a regrettable decision, I make a case for strawberries (especially when they’re 2 for $4). I tend to cut up an entire pound of strawberries, sprinkle a couple packets of Splenda on there, stir them around in a bowl, and eat the whole damn thing. They make a delightful treat/serving of fruit.

2. Another thing I would suggest is having a tub of non-fat frozen yogurt on hand. I, personally, like the Umpqua brand in Raspberry Twirl. Skinny Cows and Weight Watchers ice cream are also acceptable. I’m not sure where I’d be if I didn’t have low-fat treats like this around the house…probably eating chocolate cake out of a dumpster or some shit.

3. When you go to a restaurant–let’s just say Red Robin for instance–shout out some salad order to the waitress before you even consider getting the Clucks and Fries. Don’t even begin to look for a loophole that will allow you the unhealthy option. It’s settled: you’re getting salad and you’re going to like it (and you probably really will!)

4. Coffee drinks can really soak up the day’s allotted calories. When ordering your coffee drink, go for the “tall” option with an extra shot rather than the “grande”. Hold the whip. The Skinny Caramel Macchiato  is always a safe bet with only 105 calories in a tall, and 140 in a grande. Or, if you like white mocha’s, take a lot at what I found:

  • You can get a Grande White Mocha with 2% milk and whipped cream for 470 calories and 18 grams of fat. Ew.


  • You can get a Double Tall White Mocha with Non-fat milk and NO whipped cream for 275 calories and 4.5 grams of fat.

Now that’s how you negotiate the terms of your diet. These little tid bits should keep you satisfied until next time. Happy weight losing!


8 thoughts on “In spite of cupcakes

  1. Becky Brown says:

    I love and appreciate this post. It reflects many of the things I have been doing as well! I am a sucker for a night-time/post-dinner treat, especially ice cream, so I have been keeping my freezer stocked with Skinny Cows. When I am craving sugar, I turn to fruits as much as I can. I try to keep a bag of mixed frozen fruit and a container of vanilla non-fat yogurt on hand. Mix the two together in a blender and you have a sweet, healthy, and refreshing treat! Keep up the good work J!

    • That’s why I’m so excited for summer to come! Berries, peaches and watermelon. Also, a good treat I would make for myself last summer was vanilla non-fat frozen yogurt with sliced peaches on top and some light cool whip. Yummmmm….

  2. Lisa says:

    Once again, I love reading your blogs. But I do have to point out that you have to be very careful about ordering salads at a restaurant. I have been a waitress for 8 years now and I see people all the time who are trying to lose weight order a salad just because they think salads are always the healthier option. Not the case! I work at Red Robin and a lot of the salads are more calories than the burgers. Salads can be easily over 1,000 calories. Don’t let the word salad be deceiving! Another thing people don’t realize at Red Robin, and any other restaurant for that matter, is how many calories are in that “harmless” basket of fries you ask for before your meal or with your burger. One small basket of fries (6oz) is almost 450 calories. Don’t even get me started on the sauces. One of those little red cups of sauce (whether it is ranch, honey mustard, or the beloved campfire sauce) is almost 300 calories. Most people use 2 sauces. That makes your “harmless” little basket of fries around 1,000 calories. And that is just the first of the several baskets most people ask me for. Sorry this comment is so long but I thought this was the perfect place try to make people more aware of what they are ordering when they go out to eat. People inhale that stuff like it’s diet food lol. Anyways, congrats on your success!

    • Lisa,

      That’s a very good point. A lot of what contributes to the high calories in salads–especially at Red Robin–is the size of those things. I never end up finishing to whole thing. It can also be due to which dressing you choose, if there’s cheese on top, the involvement of croutons, etc. All that extra crap needs to be considered. I often order things without those additions, or get a half size. As fries go, I try to limit myself to 3-5 fries when I go to Red Robin. It’s difficult to resist them altogether, but if I can just have a small taste I still feel like I indulged.

  3. I would also add that I think people should use their best judgement when choosing a salad and its ingredients. As you said, not every salad is not going to be a lighter option just because it’s a salad. But the point I am trying to make is regarding the principle of getting in the habit of choosing salad over burgers when eating at a restaurant.

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