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Because it feels good

Greetings from the swamp. Sorry, I’m bitter about this Oregon weather. I took this photo on a rare and relatively nice day.

Yeah, yeah. I know; it’ll all be worth it when the trees start blooming and the flowers begin to blossom. But for right now, I am quite sick of this soggy and damp bubble that encompasses my life. I know I don’t really have the right to complain about an excess of water with the Tsunami in Japan and all, so I’ll stop now.

What I’m really bitter about is that there’s nothing motivational about these weather conditions. I would love it if some occasional traces of sunshine would part through the clouds and say, “Behold, Jenni: My violent rays will soon smolder the earth’s atmosphere and thus force you to take more clothes off. GET IN SHAPE NOW.”

But unfortunately, I still have about two months until those sun teasers will really show up to the party. If I’m going to have my summer body by June, I should probably start working on it by at least mid-April. Until then, I really have ZERO motivation to try and achieve my “best body.” As many of you may already know, I have had very little motivation for the last couple months. A lot of this has to do with my unfortunate feelings that my “best body” has either 1) already been achieved and this is as good as it gets, or 2) is unattainable because I will never be satisfied no matter how much progress I make. Regardless of whether there’s any truth to those theories, one thing is for sure: I definitely feel best when I’m eating a lot of fruit and being active daily. And when I say “feel”, I mean physically feel. Like, in my body.

So my little lesson for the rainy season is this: when there’s no other reason to eat well and exercise, do it because it feels good. That’s the only thing that’s going to keep us from eating ourselves and sitting ourselves into oblivion this time of year.

So. Eat oranges, drink water and move your body. Soon enough we’ll work our way out of the woods and into the sun.


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