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It’s pretty simple

I don’t know about everyone else, but I’m a creature of habit. To all you creatures-of-trying-something-new-every-day, good for you. But that’s just not how I roll.

Although I have always believed that repetition is a good thing, sometimes it can get a little bit–need I say it?–boring. It’s just so easy to get into a rhythm of cooking the same old recipes each week, especially when trying to lose weight. Which is why I think it’s good to have a list of recipes that you know by heart. To make it into The Regulars, a recipe must be relatively healthy, quick, and easy. So whenever someone is willing to share one of their regular recipes with me (hint, hint), it is received with much appreciation. Right now, I only have a handful of tricks in my bag–most of them are hand-me-downs:

1. Curry (chicken, shrimp, or veggie)

2. Soft tacos with ground turkey

3. Broiled Salmon with asparagus

4. Chicken fajitas with onion and bell peppers

5. Pasta primavera with Vodka sauce

Fortunately, I recently admitted a new member to the group. Meet Sally Devor’s parmesan chicken.

It’s a simple recipe that my dear friend Sarah Devor was nice enough to share with me.  Although she’s not sure where exactly it came from, she believes that it originated somewhere in the creative region of her mother’s brain. Sarah used to make it for me and our five other roommates when we lived together last year. I was crazy about it then, and I love it now.

After putting up with a decent amount of my badgering, Sarah wrote me a message explaining how to make this parmesan chicken…I don’t think I can break it down any further than she did. I literally LOL’d upon reading her idiot-proof instructions:

To Jenni, From Sarah


Crush one whole tube of Ritz, combine with equal amounts of parmesan cheese…mix together in a bowl. In another bowl, put one stick of butter and as much garlic as you want. Melt the butter and garlic in the microwave. Dip the chicken in the butter/garlic mix then roll around in the Ritz/parmesan crumbs. Repeat for all of the breasts.

Put in a baking pan.

Bake for about a half hour (If breasts) at 400 degrees.

You’ll have to watch them if you aren’t using breasts…it depends on the thickness so just keep an eye on it.

Call with any questions.

Good luck and ENJOY!

Pretty straight-forward, right? Well, that’s Sarah in a nutshell.

One thing I would like to add is that the ingredient amounts can vary. If only making two chicken breasts, you will not need a whole tube of Ritz or a whole stick of butter. A whole stick of butter will probably work for 4-5 large breasts. And while we’re on the topic of butter, I would say to use a light margarine or buttery spread to cut back on fat. I also recommend that you use the Reduced fat Ritz, because let’s face it, they taste the exact same when baked on chicken.

These days, its garlicky aroma fills my apartment on a weekly basis, and even seductively seeps down the hallway to entice my neighbors. After making this meal a few times, I’ve determined that it just might be the easiest recipe on my list. Just shove those puppies in the oven, steam-up some broccoli, and catch an episode of Say Yes to the Dress on Netflix instant view while you wait.

I assure you, it is delightful.


6 thoughts on “It’s pretty simple

  1. Kenz says:

    She is. Jenni: “Just shove those puppies in the oven, steam-up some broccoli, and catch an episode of Say Yes to the Dress on Netflix instant view while you wait.” amazing. Also, don’t forget you whip up a mean stir-fry!! I had stir-fry tonight (tofu, yellow pepper, and broccoli) all alone and that’s what prompted me to tweet about missing cooking with you

  2. Deidre says:

    Sounds yummy and easy. I would probably sereve with some marinara and a slice of melted mozzarella on top. Pasta on the side. Hmmmmmm.

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