Decisions, decisions.

People have been asking me how I lost the weight for almost three years now. “What’s my secret?” They say. The secret is that there is no secret.  It’s plain and simple: buckle down, drastically change your lifestyle, and maintain. No slim fast, no silly crash diets. I’m also anti-nutrisystem, weight watchers, detox/fasting solutions. Although I know people who have successfully lost weight with methods like these, all of them gained back what they lost…and sometimes more. This is undoubtedly because these systems are impossible to uphold for an extended period of time.  Try to build a healthy lifestyle that you can maintain by eating a balanced diet and working out consistently. This is not to say that these methods won’t work for some, but that to maintain a healthy weight you must move past your initial weight loss solution and make a lifestyle change.

This is a link to a project I did for a digital arts class I took Winter term (I’m a multimedia minor). I thought my faithful readers might find it relevant and amusing. Click here to see what I did!


4 thoughts on “Decisions, decisions.

  1. Emily says:

    Weight Watchers doesn’t include fasting… I’d say it teaches you a way of life just like you have learned, and that’s why I lost my extra weight and have not gained a pound back.
    I’m a total fan.

    • I’m aware that weight watchers doesn’t include fasting. I know a lot of people who have been successful with weight watchers since it does teach you a lot of good lifestyle decisions. And it sounds like you used weight watchers’ point system as an effective tool in losing the initial weight. All I’m saying is that people need to go beyond the initial weight loss phase, and continue making a lifestyle change to maintain a healthy weight.

      • Emily Jacob says:

        And that’s the entire premise of the weight watchers plan. It is a tool that teaches you effective changes of mind that help you eat nutritiously and in a way that is realistic yet gives the opportunity to make a real lasting life decision on how you are going to fuel your body.
        I think that in this case, it’s not the plan but the way people go about viewing dieting. I just don’t really like the term dieting in the first place because it implies that the new plan as temporary. And I think you and I may have common ground on that.

  2. Emily says:

    In fact, I continued to lose 5 more pounds after I stopped keeping track of my points because of what I learned about what my body needed and was able to make conscious decisions of what I put in my body. And I did ww 5 years ago now.
    It’s the anti-fad diet. The anti-diet diet even.

    I’m just passionate about it. ha.

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