Food, Weightloss

The power of NO

I’ve recently rediscovered the power of the word ‘no.’

It’s funny because I recently watched the movie, “Yes Man” with Jim Carrey (whom I love), and decided I wanted to start saying yes to more opportunities. Before a couple of days ago, the majority of things I said ‘yes’ to were opportunities to feed my face. Unfortunately, it wasn’t so much of a verbal agreement as it was a swift and hasty reach into my roommate’s bag of tortilla chips.

Today my inner fat girl challenged me with carbohydrates in the kitchen. My roommate Sarah, who was casually munching on some bite-sized pretzels, offered me some of her devil food. As I began to consider whether I actually had an interest in her offer, I stopped myself from furthering the thought and simply said, ‘no.’ By stopping myself from even deliberating the consumption of the pretzels, I gave myself a sense of security from the fact that I can assert self-control. It felt good. Really good. It felt so much better than eating something tasty without thought. Having that sense of power and control over my body and mind is really empowering. It’s a way of changing your inner fat girl into an inner thin girl.

It sounds overly simplistic, but being conscious of the food you take into your body is the most important part of losing weight. For instance, today I was aware– perhaps overly aware of all that I consumed. It may be helpful to have ‘no’ as your premeditated answer to all food offerings. That way your deciding factor for consuming your food will be if your body tells you it needs fuel.

So I’ve discovered that the value in being a Yes Woman is in the taken opportunities to exert physical activity and eat healthily.


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