Goodbye muffins and cheesecake

Photo by Ryan Mowery

My reason for starting a brand new June Plan and is that I need to officially shake hands with myself on my pursuit of my best body. The June Plan  is meant to reincarnate the system that I carried out three years ago when I weighed in at 238 disgusting pounds: no more junk food, increased exercise.

However since I am now roughly 60 to 70 pounds lighter, my level of intensity will be much higher. Obviously when I was at rock bottom the pounds flew off due to my drastic lifestyle change. I am now merely a relatively fit and healthy human being who wants to achieve a smokin body.

Over the past three years I have been an endorphine junkie, if you will. Steadily working out an average of  five times a week, I try to eat healthy foods and prevent myself from binge eating. However, over the past year I have grown tired of being so strict on  myself. Perhaps the initial load of weightloss took all the determination out of me for a while. But now I’m ready to take my goals a step further since summer is right around the corner.

My goal is to lose 20 pounds, but what I really care about is the shape and tone of my body. I’ve noticed a significant difference in my body’s appearance since I’ve neglected strength training and been more focused on cardio.

I’m excited to be committed to my new plan and my new blog. My greatest hope is that some of you will follow along with me on this path throughout June, July, and August…however long it takes to get there! Feel free to leave me comments on your successes, difficulties, ideas, or if you’d just like to rant. I’ll be giving some of what I hope are good suggestions, recipes, and insight based on my experience.

June Plan

Fewer carbs
Strength and Cardio
Drink more water
Increased general activity

Workout Rules:

2 miles (walk or run) six days a week at the very least
2-3 strength workouts a week
3 cardio workouts a week
1 day of rest OK
4 Abs workouts a week

Food Rules:

NO cookies
NO pizza
NO thin crust pizza
NO ice cream
NO candy
NO muffins
NO chips
NO cake
NO Birthday cake
NO piña coladas
NO white chocolate mochas
NO alfredo (only veggie homemade is ok)
NO milkshakes
NO coffee cake
Nonfat frozen yogurt OK
Skinny Cows OK

  • 5 Glasses of water a day (minimum)
  • BLOG 2 Times a Week on Progress, Difficulties, Thoughts, Ideas, etc.

First Week Example:

Tuesday: Go home for grilled cheese and apple at 3pm. Go to gym at 6 (strength).
Wednesday: Cycling
Thursday: Walk the track or go to gym after work
Friday: Workout at gym at 3pm (strength)
Saturday: Cardio
Sunday: Strength or rest.


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